The Basics

WISE NL is a non-profit organization that has been successfully operating in Newfoundland and Labrador for over 30 years because of the active involvement of dedicated member volunteers.

Acknowledging that non-profit resources are limited, WISE NL focuses on high quality, high impact, and high leverage projects and programs.

Many hands make work light so we also try to manage implementation so that the work that needs to be done can better fit the already busy schedules of our members.

Our Structure

WISE NL is managed by a working board of directors with assistance from committee members.

  • The Board provides oversight of the organization to ensure that it meets its mission and is operated effectively and in the best interests of the stakeholders: members, clients, funders, employees, and the community at large
  • As a working board, Board members are directly involved in the day‐to‐day operations of the organization
  • Board members take on governance, management and, in some instances, working roles
  • Five committees provide support for internal operations – Communications, Membership, Operations, Funding, Program Review and Strategic Planning,

Our Programs & Activities

  • Student Summer Employment Program
  • Indigenous Youth Initiatives
  • Mentorship Program
  • WinSETT Leadership Program (St. John’s Series)
  • Speaker Series


A province where women are routinely supported in their discovery of and success in STEM and where decision makers at every level of the economy and society value the experience and perspective of technical women.

Strategic Goals 2017-2022

  • Goal 1:  Secure funding and ensure the continued success of WISE NL’s programs and services throughout 2017-2022.
  • Goal 2:  Enhance WISE NL’s public profile among members, stakeholders and the general public.
  • Goal 3:  Stay relevant to women in STEM fields by evaluating current and future programs (SSEP, IYI, Mentorship, Career Links, Speaker series, Leadership Workshops and Conferences) and review how they meet the goals and expectations of our mission and vision.
  • Goal 4:  Develop Board training and a succession plan to ensure that as the organization grows and changes the representatives on the board are aware of their roles, responsibilities and expectations.
  • Goal 5:  Increase and strengthen WISE NL Membership in order to lead the drive to increase awareness, participation, retention and advancement of women in STEM.

Volunteer Opportunities

WISE NL membership is required for all volunteer positions.

Overview – Board of Directors

  • More detail on any open Director positions is provided below. Contested positions will be decided by vote at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Members of the Board of Directors are expected to submit written reports and attend regularly scheduled board meetings. Board meetings are typically held 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on the second Wednesday of the month. Estimated time = 3 hours per month.
  • There are no scheduled board meetings in July and August to accommodate summer vacations. The December meeting is typically a welcome to the Board and a holiday celebration.
  • Board member attendance at organized events is highly encouraged

Overview – Committee Positions

  • Efforts of the Board are greatly facilitated through the help of individual volunteers working on specific tasks. These tasks are limited in nature and can easily fit in the busy schedules that our members often face. We are looking to assemble a pool of volunteers who can be called upon when assistance is needed.
  • On occasion a committee member may be asked to attend a board meeting.
  • Experience with the tools we use is very helpful but not required except where noted below. Training is provided.
  • The tools we use are: WordPress, MailChimp, Eventbrite, PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, Google Calendar, Adobe Acrobat, and Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint.

Overview – Extra Hands

If you can’t commit to a Board or Committee role, we can always use extra hands to handle one-time tasks such as staff a registration table, stuff name tags, present a science fair award, or tend a booth for an hour or two. The actual task would depend on the activity. If ad hoc support is more your speed, please consider putting your name on the distribution list that is used when a little extra help is needed.

Employment Opportunities

January 1, 2020 – None at this time.