Connecting SSEP alumni and industry professionals
to provide support, direction, and advice
to guide
education and careers in science or engineering.

IMG_3709The WISE NL Mentorship Program was piloted in 2015 and formally launched the following year. Mentors have the opportunity to provide advice to a young woman regarding her post-secondary education or career path. Mentees will benefit from being connected to a network of professional women who can provide valuable insight to help form their education and career choices.

Why Mentorship?

  • Helps women advance and reach their education and career goals
  • Provides insightful information through sharing experiences, challenges, and achievements
  • Rewarding opportunity to inspire a student to pursue science or engineering
  • Network building

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How can I get involved?

Both mentors and mentees can apply online. Please follow the links below to apply.   The program is open to any woman interested in applying and no previous affiliation with WISE NL is required.

Please Note: The Fall 2022 Mentorship Program will return to in-person. Virtual can be accommodated if needed.

Information for Mentors and Mentees

Mentor – If you are a mentor in the program or interested in becoming a mentor please refer to the Guidelines Mentors Fall 2022. This will provide tips on how to answer common questions and help guide the mentoring relationship.

Mentee – if you are a mentee (i.e. you are being mentored) in the program or interested in becoming a mentee please refer to the fill out the Guidelines Mentees Fall 2022.  This will help you think of questions to ask, how to plan your meetings, listen to their advice and how to guide the relationship with your mentor.

General Schedule

The following is a general schedule for each semester session.

Date Activity
Opening Event
Pre-Program Survey due to Program Administrator
First meeting of mentee with mentor
Second meeting of mentee with mentor
Third meeting of mentee with mentor
Closing Event
Last meeting of mentee with mentor
Post-Program Surveys due to Program Administrator
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For more information about the program, please contact:

WISE_Aug19 13 021-minMentorship Program is dedicated in memory of Jessica McErlean.

Jessica was an active mentor and was also mentored by WISE NL through her placement with the WISE NL Student Summer Employment Program in 2011, as a Summer Coordinator in 2013 and as a Board Member in 2014 as Co-Director of WISE SSEP.