Awards: Scholarships

The Women in Engineering Memorial (WEM) Scholarship was established to honour the memory of fourteen women who were violently murdered on December 6, 1989 because they were women. Thirteen were engineering students and one was staff support at  L’Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal. The scholarship seeks to encourage more women to study engineering, thereby increasing the contribution of women in engineering and scientific endeavours and challenging bias against women’s full participation.

At least one $2500 scholarship is awarded each year. In addition to sound scholastic ability, applicants must demonstrate a commitment to the advancement of women in Engineering fields and an active involvement in wider issues of social concern to women. Funding is provided by the MUN Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science, C-CORE, the MUN Alumni Association and individual contributions.

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Women in Engineering Memorial Scholarship Recipients

1990n/a2000Susan Pike
1991Lisa Alexander2001Sarah Houlihan
1992Carolyn Lockyer2002D. Allison Moyle
1993Jennifer Mackey, Janice O’Brien2003Julie Browne
1994Ann Kinnie, Trina Troke2004Tamara O’Connell
1995Karla Metcalfe2005Emilie Martin
1996Lori Joyce, Jenni Wellon2006Piew Soe Saw
1997Karen Horwood, Sarika Wadhawan2007Chenel Waight
1998Kimberley Pearce2008Krista Bennett, Hannah Ploskonka
1999Sheri-Lynn Butler2009Justine Barry
2010Ashley Sullivan2020 Madison Hayley, Katelyn Martin
2011Helena Greene2021Fatima Dogar, Raisa Hasan, Grace O’Reilly
2012Jumana Joury2022Bryanna Browne, Holly Clarke, Petina Dookhy
2013Jaclyn Hynes2023 
2014Alexandria Cleal2024 
2015Florence Panisset, Marilen Guerra2025 
2016Brianna McGrath, Rachel Tobin2026 
2017Hannah Gale, Rabeya Basri2027 
2018Jenna Power, Katherine Ledwell2028 
2019Rebecca Ernst, Jillian Ryan, Nina Verster2029