Mission and Goals


Founded in 1988, Women in Science and Engineering Newfoundland and Labrador (WISE NL), is a non-profit, incorporated volunteer organization active in Newfoundland and Labrador.  WISE NL encourages women throughout the province to consider the broad range of career choices in science and engineering.


We envision a province where women are routinely supported in their discovery of and success in STEM, and where decision makers at every level of the economy and society value the experience and perspective of technical women. 


WISE NL works to increase the participation of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers by increasing awareness that these professions are valuable, rewarding and exciting options for women. Intergenerational and interdisciplinary, WISE NL also provides mentoring, professional development and networking opportunities to facilitate the continued participation and success of women in these fields, and advocates for equitable workplaces.


  • To provide information to young students on careers in science, engineering and related fields, emphasizing the value of mathematics and science.
  • To encourage women to seek higher education and achievement in science, engineering and related fields.
  • To provide a support network for women in these fields.
  • To inform Canadians about opportunities for and contributions by women in these fields.
  • To provide a unified, representative voice for our members on issues relating to women in science, engineering and related fields.

Type of Programs

Speaker Series Professional conferences and workshops
Networking sessions Youth group conferences and training sessions
Mentorship Publications, newsletters and other literature
Social activities WISE US for undergraduate students
Workplace tours WISE GSS for graduate students
Volunteer leadership Student Summer Employment Program (SSEP)
Science & Engineering Fair Awards

Awards Received

  • 2014 “Inspiring Women, Inspiring Change”. International Women’s Day 2014. Presented by Women in Resource Development Corporation.
  • 2004 Memorial University of Newfoundland Graduate Students’ Union Award for Outstanding Community Service (WISE-GSS)
  • 1995 The F.A. Aldrich Science Public Awareness Award
  • 1994 The Michael Smith Award for Science Promotion in Canada

“Inspiring Women, Inspiring Change”
International Women’s Day 2014
Presented by Women in Resource Development Corporation

Michael Smith Award

Carolyn Emerson and Faye Murrin with
inaugural 1994 Michael Smith Award for Science Promotion.