Our Community

2020 Board of Directors

  • President: Gloria Montano
  • Vice-President: Eileen O’Brien
  • Past-President: Ashley Turner
  • Treasurer: Lori Hogan
  • Director, Emeritus: Mona Shahwan El-Tahan
  • Director, Communications:
  • Director, Indigenous Youth Initiatives: 
  • Director, Leadership Program: Mehrnaz Shamspour
  • Director, Membership: Sarah Khalil
  • Director, Mentorship: Chenel Waight
  • Director, Operations: Esraa AbouAmin
  • Director, Student Summer Employment Program: Kelsey Howlett
  • Director, Speaker Series: Carmichael Polonio

2020 Special Advisors

  • WISE GSS, Science – Yanitza Trosel
  • WISE GSS, Engineering –
  • WISE US, Engineering – Rachel Coombs
  • WISE US, Science – Zoe Breen
2020 Board of Directors 2020 Board of Directors and Special Advisors

Front row (L-R): Zoe Breen, Eileen O’Brien, Mona El-Tahan, Gloria Montano. Back row (F-R): Ashley Turner, Mehrnaz Shamspour, Esraa AbouAmin, Carmichael Polonio. Not show: Lori Hogan, Kelsey Howlett, Stella Roche, Sarah Khalil, Chenel Waight, Yanitza Trosel, Sepideh Alimohamadi, Rachel Coombs

Past Boards of Directors

Corporate Members

WISE NL is very fortunate to have the support of many employers in the province whose goals and objectives align with the goals and objectives of WISE NL.  We recognize and thank this year’s Corporate Members.
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2019 Corporate Members


WISE NL works with a number of organizations to further our mission throughout the province of Newfoundland & Labrador and the rest of Canada. Listed below are the organization with whom WISE NL works in close partnership.

  • WISE US – Women in Science and Engineering, Undergraduate Society is one-third of the Newfoundland & Labrador WISE family and a much valued voice for undergraduate students.
  • WISE GSS – Women in Science and Engineering, Graduate Student Society is one-third of the Newfoundland & Labrador WISE family and a much valued voice for graduate students.
  • CCWESTT – Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science, Trades and Technology is a not-for-profit, voluntary network of organizations across Canada that are working together to promote women in science, engineering, trades and technology, and celebrating their contributions to these fields. WISE NL is proud to have been a member of CCWESTT since 1998.
  • WinSETT Centre – The Canadian Centre for Women in Science, Engineering, Technology & Trades is a national, action-oriented, non-profit organization that aspires to recruit, retain and advance women in science, engineering, trades and technology. WISE NL partners with WinSETT to deliver the WinSETT Leadership Program, St. John’s Series.
  • WISEatlantic – Women in Science and Engineering Atlantic Region aims to inspire girls to learn about science, technology, engineering and math based careers through hands-on activities, and interactions with role models. WISEatlantic offers resources for teachers and parents to teach youth about the diversity within these fields, and provides support to women who use STEM at work through professional development and networking opportunities.

Fellow & Honourary Members

Special membership status is granted to individual who have made outstanding contributions towards the objectives of WISE NL. Read more…