Board Positions – 2021

November 4, 2020: Nominations are now closed.

In addition to the Officers, the Board consists of Directors who fall into three categories – core support, programs and uncommitted. Core support and program Directors have overall responsibility for their area. Uncommitted Directors have no specific responsibilities and are asked to volunteer for specific tasks as the need arises. 

Core Support Directors

  • Communications (open position) – The Director of Communications has overall responsibility to ensure timely distribution of WISE NL-generated content that is consistent in style and presentation to members and supporters through traditional and social media channels.
  • Membership – The Director of Membership is responsible for the recruitment, retention, and overall satisfaction of individual and corporate members.
  • Operations – The Director of Operations is responsible for the administration of external communications systems and internal tools used by WISE NL. External systems include MailChimp, Facebook, Zoom, EventBrite, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter. Internal tools include email, distribution list and website associated with 
  • Records (open position) – The Director of Records is a new role in 2021 that is responsible for maintaining an accurate record of Board governance documents, activity and action. Records of a financial nature are excluded because they managed by the Treasurer. 

Program Directors

  • Indigenous Youth Initiatives (open position) – The Indigenous Youth Initiatives (IYI) Director is responsible for all indigenous youth activities. IYI offers education and career opportunities to indigenous students who are interested in learning more about education and career options in science and engineering. The primary activity is an annual Indigenous Youth Conference (IYC) that is open to female and male high school students. Students who participate in IYC are encouraged to share the information learned and promote opportunities in their schools, communities and among their peers.
  • Leadership (open position) – The Leadership Director is responsible for professional development activities. Currently, WISE NL offers the “WinSETT Leadership Program, St. John’s Series”, which is a set of professional development workshops delivered by the WinSETT Centre and tailored for early and mid-career female engineers, scientists, technologists and tradespersons in science and technology based sectors. 
  • Mentorship – The Director of Mentorship is responsible for the “Mentorship Program” that connects post-secondary students with industry professionals to provide support, direction, and advice in order to guide education and careers in science or engineering.
  • Speaker Series (open position) – The Director of Speaker Series is responsible for the “Speaker Series”, which is a regularly scheduled event, open to the public and designed to tell the story of women’s contributions in science and engineering.
  • Student Summer Employment Program – The Director of SSEP Director provides oversight of our flagship outreach program, the Student Summer Employment Program. SSEP is a major program that has successfully operated annually since 1989, excluding the pandemic year of 2020.

Uncommitted Directors

Uncommitted Directors have no specific responsibilities, which makes this role ideal for those new to board or WISE NL involvement. Uncommitted Directors are expected to participate in Board meetings and training sessions, and are asked to volunteer for specific tasks as the need arises.

In 2021 there are six uncommitted positions. In order to maintain an appropriate diversity of perspectives on the Board, priority for four positions is assigned to post-secondary students. All student applicants who are WISE NL members will be considered; however, preference for the undergraduate and graduate student positions is typically given to those endorsed by WISE US or WISE GSS respectively. Should any of the roles prioritized for students lack a student candidate, the role may be filled by a professional member.