Student Summer Employment Program


What is the Student Summer Employment Program (WISE SSEP)?

Students experience first-hand that careers in science and engineering are exciting and rewarding. Along with their work experience, participants benefit from workplace tours, site visits, development activities, guest speakers, networking opportunities, and social activities with young women their age from across NL.

The purpose of SSEP is to:

  • provide young women with experience in scientific fields
  • to encourage young women to consider careers in science and engineering fields
  • to show young women that careers in scientific fields can be exciting and rewarding.

Who can apply?

Female high school students, who are currently completing grade 11 and will be returning to high school in the fall. (grade 10 students in Labrador are also eligible to apply)

When is it?

WISE SSEP is a 7-week job commitment in July and August. Participants will work for 35 hours/week and be paid minimum wage.

Where is WISE SSEP?

St. John’s and surrounding areas, Central, Bonavista, West Coast, and Labrador (*positions vary yearly and are dependent on funding received)

How to Apply? 

Online: 2020 WISE SSEP Applications are now available! Please click here to access the application!

NOTE: Please see how WISE NL is addressing the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and how it may affect SSEP 2020 here.

For detailed instructions on how to complete your application, please click here.

**To ensure that the SSEP office is expecting your application, please send an email and tell us your name and school.**

NOTE: Applications received without all the required information will not be accepted.


WISE NL would like to thank all those who submitted applications to become 2020 SSEP Supervisors! Confirmation regarding each job post will be made in the coming months.

WISE SSEP offers the opportunity for Supervisors to advance their research or other work at no financial cost, along with being a rewarding opportunity to mentor a bright young female student interested in a career in science, engineering, mathematics, medicine or technology.

Summer Activities

WISE SSEP is more than just a summer job, in addition to the valuable work experience gained by employment in a science and engineering related field participants benefit from weekly activities which expose them to the wide range of education and career opportunities available to them.

Follow along to the Summer activities on our Facebook Page!

Workplace Tours

Every week during the program the participants take part in educational tours and site visits in St. John’s and surrounding areas. For participants working outside of St. John’s for the duration of the summer they will take part in tours organized for them during their ‘Final Week’ visit to St. John’s. Tours vary year to year and have included: The Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium, The Faculty of Engineering, The Faculty of Medicine, The Ocean Sciences Centre, the GEOCENTRE, the Marine Institute and the MUN Botanical Gardens.

Social Events

In addition to the educational tours, several social activities are organized for the program participants each month during the program. These allow the participants to get to know each other better and form lasting friendships with like-minded young women from across the province that can carry through to their post-secondary and careers. Social events vary each year but past activities have included: whale watching and a beach BBQ, movie and trivia night.


SSEP began in 1990, inspired by a similar program offered by WISEST in Alberta.

Over 1,000 young women have successfully graduated from the program.

In 1994, WISE NL was awarded the Michael Smith Award for Science Promotion for its work with SSEP.

In 2008, the program was evaluated by Hollett & Son’s Inc., finding that it provides a unique opportunity for the young women of this province and succeeds in encouraging young women to pursue post-secondary education.

WISE SSEP Alumni: Where are they now? To view featured profiles of SSEP Alumni visit here.

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Contact us

Please reach out to Clare Lewis, Program Administrator for any questions regarding SSEP. 

  • E-Mail:
  • Phone: (709) 864-2484
  • Office: EN-2000 (Engineering Building, Memorial University)

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