Speaker Series – Nov. 18, 2021

Speaker Series

“Exploring graduate student research at the Center for Fisheries and Ecosystems Research” moderated by Susan Fudge.

    • Date – Nov. 18, 2021
    • Time – 7:00 PM Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Location – Zoom platform
    • All are welcome to attend this free event.

The Centre for Fisheries Ecosystems Research (CFER) at the Marine Institute campus of Memorial University aims to better understand fish stocks and the productivity of the provinces marine ecosystem through fisheries research. Since its inception the center has created significant research capacity and fostered new knowledge through the success of its Master’s and PhD students. Led by a WISE past-president Susan Fudge this session will profile and overview of CFER and relate the diverse work of a group of dynamic current students.

Susan Fudge – Chair

Susan is a fisheries biologist with CFER, and is currently responsible to the day-today operations of the centre. She holds a bachelor of science in marine biology and a master of science in fisheries science from Memorial University. Her graduate research on cod reproduction focused on temporal and spatial variations in fecundity (reproductive output) and the use of active and passive acoustics in studying spawning behaviour. Susan is also currently working part-time on a graduate diploma in business administration.

Prior to joining CFER, Susan was a fisheries conservation advisor with World Wildlife Fund Canada. Susan’s interests span from fisheries science to marine conservation and research outreach and everything in between.


 Jennifer Herbig – Panelist

Jenny Herbig is a PhD candidate in Fisheries Science and Technology at the Marine institute of Memorial University. Currently she is studying the ecology of Arctic Cod, Boreogadus saida, in the Canadian Arctic with Drs. Maxime Geoffroy and Jonathan Fisher.

Jordan Woolfrey – Panelist

Jordan is a Masters candidate with the Fisheries Science and Technology program at the Marine Institute. Originally from central Newfoundland, she completed her Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology at Memorial. Her current research involves studying artificial reefs in Placentia Bay.

Monica Sokolowski – Panelist

Monica is originally from Windsor Ontario where she completed her bachelors of science in biology and biochemistry. She joined the Centre for Fisheries Ecosystems Research in May 2020 and is currently a second year Master’s student at the Marine Institute. Monica is studying under the supervision of Dr. Jonathan Fisher and her research focuses on the themes of temporal diet changes, pelagic/benthic coupling, and species interactions to look at the lack of recovery of the 3Ps Atlantic Cod population.

Natalie Fuller – Panelist

Natalie is a MSc candidate at the Marine Institute of Memorial University under the supervision of Dr. Jin Gao. She is originally from Victoria, BC, where she completed her undergraduate degree in marine biology at the University of Victoria. Natalie is in the stock assessment program  stream of the Masters program at the MI, where her thesis research focuses on spatio-temporal modelling of Labrador Shelf Redfish.