Leadership Program – Dedication


FMaryWilliams The “WinSETT Leadership Program – St. John’s Series” was dedicated in honour of the memory of Dr. F. Mary Williams, and to advance her commitment to encourage the career development of women in engineering and science. The St. John’s Series was made available in part through the sponsorship of the Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science at Memorial University.

The St. John’s Workshop Series, 2017-2020, of the WinSETT Leadership Program was a set of six professional development workshops tailored primarily to early to mid-career female engineers, scientists, tradespersons and technologists in SETT. Graduate students and senior undergraduates have also benefited. The program, attended by over 1800, has been developed by professionals based on the experiences of women in SETT and grounded in research and practices that work.

Of special note, the first workshop in the series is based on the lived experiences of technical women in Newfoundland and Labrador. It features the book “Becoming Leaders: A Practical Handbook for Women in Engineering, Science, and Technology” which was authored by WISE NL Fellow members F. Mary Williams and Carolyn Emerson. A best seller, “Becoming Leaders” is published by the American Society of Civil Engineers Press and the Society of Women Engineers. The second edition was released in March 2019 and all workshop participants receive a copy.