NSERC PromoScience Supports WISE NL to Develop Mentorship Program

WISE NL was one of 66 organizations across Canada that received funding through the NSERC PromoScience 2015 program. PromoScience supports community based science camps, promotion, outreach activities and mentorship programs in the natural, life sciences, engineering and technology for Canadian youth and teachers. The purpose of this program is to motivate youth to take an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“Science literacy is an essential part of the education of every citizen in the modern world today. PromoScience aims first to spark the passion of students for science and engineering and further boosts scholarly inquiry for the future of these fields.”
— B. Mario Pinto, President, NSERC

Through this funding WISE NL will develop a pilot Professional Mentorship Program over the next year.


For developments and inquiries about this program contact:

Maggie Sutherland, WISE SSEP Program Manager