NEW 2014-2015 Board of Directors

The 2014-2015 WISE NL Board of Directors were duly elected at the Annual General Meeting held on November 19, 2014. We can all look forward to seeing WISE NL continue to thrive and make progress towards its objectives under the capable leadership of Lori Hogan and the experienced WISE NL team.

Thank you to Gloria Montano, WISE NL President from 2010-2014 for her outstanding contributions to the success of our organization. Gloria’s leadership, mentorship, creativity, vision, positivity, and ability to inspire those around her has been invaluable to those who have worked with her over the past four years.

Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Board of Directors!

President : Lori Hogan
Vice President : Myda Egrmajer
Treasurer : Mary Williams
Past President : Gloria Montano
Director of Communications : Jodie Scott
Director Emeritus : Mona El-Tahan
Director of Event Planning : Erika Merschrod
Director at Large : Christine Fontaine
Director of Membership : open
SSEP Co-Directors : Laura Halfyard, Ashley Turner
SSEP Program Manager : Maggie Sutherland
WISE NL Graduate Society : Engr-open, Sci-Ida Rahimi
WISE NL Undergraduate Society: Engr-Ashley Sullivan, Sci-Nicole Morris
Representative, NATI Carol Ann Thomas
Representative, IEEE Lori Hogan

If you are interested in any of the remaining open positions or if you wish to see a copy of the AGM minutes, please send your request to