Leadership Training Spring 2023

WISE NL have now reopened the doors to our very popular Leadership Program offering subsidized skill-builder training online in collaboration with the WinSETT Centre. The program is dedicated in honor of the memory of Dr. F. Mary Williams and is made possible in part due to the sponsorship of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Memorial University.

The Skill Builder sessions are intended to help women in early/mid SETT career reach their professional goals through enhanced leadership competencies.

The upcoming sessions take place on Wednesdays, 2:30-4:00 pm, as follows:
  1. Self-Promotion Your Way:  May 17, 2023
  2. Exploring Communication Styles: May 24, 2023
  3. From Difficult to Effective Conversations: May 31, 2023
  4. Working with Challenging People: June 07, 2023
  5. Navigating Workplace Politics: June 14, 2023

Eligibility for subsidy requires active WISE NL membership. You can attend for free if you are a student/apprentice/unwaged; if employed, you pay only 50% of the regular ($75 plus taxes and fees) cost per session.

To apply, please visit https://wisenl.ca/programs/leadership/ and select the appropriate session(s) according to your needs and availability. All applications will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis.