Skill Builders – Member Subsidy

The Skill Builders professional development training sessions are provided by the WinSETT Centre.
This offer is made possible through the sponsorship of the Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science in honour of Dr. F. Mary Williams.

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    Fall 2022 Offering


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  • Professional - eligible for a 50% subsidy

  • Unwaged - eligible for 100% subsidy

  • Student/Apprentice - eligible for 100% subsidy

  • Membership in WISE NL is required. If you applied recently, your membership must be validated before you will be considered for this offer. If you are interested in joining WISE NL, click here.


    Session Preference

    Please note that this list may vary based on scheduling changes by the WinSETT Centre.

    Which session do you wish to attend? Indicate top three choices in order of preference where 1=highest priority.



      Emotional Intelligence, September 29, 2022

      Navigating Workplace Politics, October 6, 2022

      Mentors and Sponsors, October 13, 2022

      Exploring Communication Styles, October 11, 2022

      Collaborating through Generations, October 18, 2022

      Working with Challenging People, October 25, 2022

      Difficult to Effective Conversations, November 1, 2022

      Fundamentals of Leading Change, November 8, 2022

      Unconscious Bias: What you need to know, November 2, 2022

      Microaggressions: A Primer, November 9, 2022

      Allyship for Everyone, November 16, 2022

      Recruiting SETT Women, November 23, 2022

      Recruiting SETT Women, November 30, 2022

      Towards Respectful and Inclusive Workplaces, December 7, 2022


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    The total number of seats is limited. Please feel free to provide any information that you may feel is relevant to your application in the box to the right.


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    WISE NL will endeavor to process applications in a timely manner.