Myda Egrmajer


WISE NL ROLES: Vice President, Director of Communications
EXPERTISE: Manager/Administrator
EDUCATION: Diploma of Technology in Nautical Science

I have a background and undergraduate degree in International Development Studies focusing on International Political Economy; however, after a couple of years living abroad I became intrigued by the idea of being a Captain of sailing or merchant marine vessel .

To pursue this dream I attended the Marine Institute in Newfoundland and Labrador in the certificate program Diploma of Technology in Nautical Science. I continued on to do a work term offshore Newfoundland and Labrador on an Offshore Supply Vessel which was a very eye opening experience.

I loved the hard physical work, out of doors, and on the ocean, but found it difficult to be at sea for extended periods of time. I now do not work at sea, but onshore, as a facility manager and administrator for a contracting company that works within the offshore oil and gas industry. I work on technical reports, safety training program development, coordinating logistics for our offshore instructors, and have a hands on role making sure the day to day workings of the company runs smoothly and safely.

HOBBIES & ACTIVITIES: Gardening, Cooking, Cycling, Reading

INTERESTS: Women in Leadership, the Environment, Science & Technology


  1. Keep learning – This doesn’t mean going back for a second or third degree necessarily, but I’ve found so far that as long as I make an effort to keep learning, I have found happiness in my career and in my life. Some examples read a lot, I listen to podcasts interviewing people I find inspiring, I volunteer with WISE-NL and a few other organizations and learn so much from listening to the women and men in those groups, and I take on projects at work I know zero about.
  2. Get outside – This may not seem like “career advice”, but with all the technology, and office work, and business of our lives these days, taking the time for fresh air and exercise helps to de-stress and re-connect with oneself. I find it extremely beneficial.