Jodie Scott

WISE NL ROLES: Director of Communications


EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science, Major Geology, Minor Geophysics

Growing up in Rural Alberta, my exposure to the energy industry started at a young age. I never, however, thought that my career would begin the way it has.

After graduating high school, I was unsure of the path that I wanted to pursue, but had always had an aptitude for sciences. I knew that whatever I decided to do it would revolve around science. In my first year of university, I took a variety of courses, including introductory geology classes. I found it fascinating the way that we can tell the story of the earth’s history and previous environments based on the rock record. Jodie Scott, graduate

During my time at university, I completed 3 internships at Talisman Energy as a student geologist. It was this experience that helped me to decide that I wanted my career to be in the oil and gas industry. Following graduation from the University of Calgary in 2014, I was offered a position mud logging Offshore Atlantic Canada.

Due to the lifestyle, and being a female, I had never really considered a career offshore, or even on the rigs in Alberta, but I accepted this position with an open mind. Over the last year I have had some amazing learning opportunities, a chance to develop my technical skills, and have experienced things that I never would have thought I would have seen a year ago. I am looking forward to seeing where my career leads me in the future!


HOBBIES & ACTIVITIES: Cooking, reading, hiking

INTERESTS: Rocks and fossils, travelling


  1. Have an open mind and take risks while entering your career. Though the opportunities that come your way may not be what you had been planning on, it does not mean that they will not lead to the development of valuable skills and experiences.
  2. Keep in touch with mentors and people that you admire. The advice that they can give you is invaluable and hearing about their lives and achievements can help to keep you inspired