Ayda Rahimi

WISE NL ROLES: Graduate Society Representative – Science

DESIGNATION: Geophysics/ interpretation of Seismic reflection-refraction data

EDUCATION: M.SC. of Geophysics, B.Sc. of Applied Physics

I have an undergraduate degree in Applied Physics, however, I always was interested to explore the Earth and learn about things are happening inside of it. Also I enjoy learning new things.
To follow my passion and pursue my dream, I attended Earth Sciences Department of Memorial University to do Masters of Geophysics. My experience at Memorial has provided me with hands-on experience and education in processing, modelling and interpretation of marine reflection and refraction seismic data.

I continued on to do a work term interpreting 2D/3D marine seismic data of Jeanne d’Arc basin of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland which presented me with a great opportunity to acquire geological and geophysical knowledge of east coast Canada. I also have experience working with the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador as a Researcher in R&D section, which helped me to enhance my knowledge about oil and gas related regulations and policies.

I am so interested to be involved in voluntary activities. I was Assistant Coordinator of Canadian Association for Girls in Science (CAGIS) for almost two years and I am science representative of graduate students of WISE NL from 2010.

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE: https://ca.linkedin.com/pub/ayda-rahimi/41/7/877

HOBBIES & ACTIVITIES: Playing violin, playing chess, swimming, gardening, reading

INTERESTS: Women in Leadership, the Environment, Science & Technology

  1. ADVICE:
    Have a life purpose – “When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind.” (Seneca). Purpose and direction make the life enjoyable and focused.
  2. Never give up – life seems unfair sometimes, but you should believe that there is a special moment waiting for you.