Ashley Sullivan

WISE NL ROLES: Membership Co-Director

DESIGNATION: Junior Mechanical Engineer / Engineer in Training seeking employment.

EDUCATION: BEng. Bachelor of Engineering – Mechanical (Oil & Gas Stream);
BSc. Bachelor of Science – Physics.

Born and raised in Newfoundland with a BEng. in Mechanical Engineering (O&G stream) and BSc. in Physics, registered as an Engineer In Training (EIT) actively working towards professional engineering licensure.

I first became involved with WISE-NL after winning the Women in Engineering Memorial scholarship, reviving the WISE-Undergraduate Society as President and Engineering representative with WISE-NL for the remainder of my degree. I have vast volunteer experience that started as the Events Coordinator and Vice President of the Physics Society, then volunteering with Engineers Without Borders, Class of 2015 Graduation Committee and design adaptive aids for people with disabilities with the Tetra Society of North America.

I have had the opportunity to gain great work experience through excellent engineering workterm placements as an Ice-Production Researcher with the STePS2 Research group with MUN where I designed, modeled and liaised the manufacture of a scissor-lift microtome used to procure ice thin sections that went on to be the concept of an official publication with CANCAM 2015 (‘Ice-Microtome Design for Procurement and Crystal Analysis of Ice Thin Sections’). I setup and ran small scale ice cone crushing laboratory tests to determine the relationship of cone angle with crushing energy to be used in large scale indentation tests that went on to be the topic of an official publication with POAC 2013 (‘Ice-Microtome Design for Procurement and Crystal Analysis of Ice Thin Sections’).

I’ve had two workterms as an Integrity Engineer (Production Operations) with Husky Energy where I was involved with keeping up the integrity of the equipment of the SeaRose FPSO. Specifically I investigated types of surface preparation of steel for the FPSO in harsh offshore environments, created quick packs for work scopes, preventative maintenance plans, material masters, change advice notices, opportunity identifications, requisitions, JSAs and purchase orders. I ran a gap analysis of all EX rated equipment and reviewed the Risk Based Inspection Strategy of PSVs to ensure PSV test frequencies were adequate.

I then became a Subsea Controls Engineer (Subsea Developments) with Husky Energy where I was involved in the development of the South White Rose Extension subsea drill center. Specifically I became knowledgeable of the White Rose SWRX project subsea equipment and the technical differences of equipment in the existing drill centers and created turnover notices for equipment transfers with other vendors through interfaces, and reviewed documents for procedures and designs of equipment between subsea hardware manufacturers and the subsea team. I conducted a flow analysis for the flow of scale inhibitor through the expanding White Rose oil field to investigate the required capacity of the topsides pump needed to distribute a specific volume of scale inhibitor down the expanding branches of drill centers to downhole in each production wellbore, providing proof to the department that the expansion of the White Rose field will not cause any concern in terms of scale inhibitor pumping capacity down the expanding branches of the drill centers.

On a personal level I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was just two years old and was the first person to graduate with a BSc. or a BEng in a wheelchair from MUN. I have overcome great challenges in my life to get to where I am today and look forward to the new challenges of starting my engineering career. I am a recent graduate currently searching for career opportunities in the expanding local industry. As a young engineer I am excited to start my career with enthusiasm and to gain the opportunity to unleash my full potential to enhance our current resources and environment.


HOBBIES & ACTIVITIES: Walking & training my dog, dog agility (NADA), swimming, kayaking/boating, investing/designing, going to movies with friends, and growing home vegetables.

INTERESTS: Women in leadership, science & technology, engineering, tutoring, project management and coordination, emerging technology, finance, and traveling.

• Never give up – expect the most of yourself and prove people wrong. I’ve been told many times that so many achievements I have already accomplished were impossible and not worth the effort! Nothing feels better than proving yourself and exceeding others expectations.
• Fight for your own opportunities – always look for opportunities, sometimes they don’t come knocking and you have to go out and make your own opportunities in life. Never turn down an opportunity because you’re afraid you’re not 100% ready/qualified. Throw yourself into scary situations and you’ll surprise yourself how qualified you actually are when you give it a try!