Speaker Series: The green switch: A talk about green processing of natural resources

Kelly Hawboldt, PhD, P.Eng.
Professor Process Engineering
Memorial University

Dr. Hawboldt is a Chemical Engineer with a particular interest in the sustainable processing and extraction of natural resources, from forestry residues to offshore oil and gas to the food industry. She studies the wastes and residues degenerated in forestry, fisheries, oil and gas, and mining, and determines if the upstream process can be modified to minimize waste volumes and/or toxicity and identifies valuable by-products within the residue for recovery. She then studies extraction and conversion methods to convert these residues into valuable products.

Her current projects include the conversion of forestry and fishery residues and effluents to bioproducts for use as alternatives for industrial and petrochemicals and biofuels. Dr. Hawboldt’s research is multi-disciplinary and requires close collaboration research group with professors in Chemistry and Biochemistry. In her presentation, Dr. Hawboldt will outline what we mean by green engineering/processing and applications of this in her research collaborations.

Dr. Hawboldt has an undergrad from University of Saskatchewan in Chemical Engineering and MSc. and PhD in chemical engineering from  University of Calgary. After her undergrad she worked as a process engineer at the Norcen sour gas processing plant in Alberta. In between her Master’s and PhD she worked as a senior environmental engineer for Bel-MK Engineering in Calgary.

Join us on Monday, October 17th from from 7:00 – 8:30pm at EN2006, Angus Bruneau Engineering Lecture Theatre, S.J. Carew Building. All are welcome and the event is free.Free parking in area 16A.

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