Lori Hogan

WISE NL ROLES: President
DESIGNATION: Communications Project Manager
EDUCATION: B. Eng. (Computer Engineering) from Memorial University (2003)

Growing up, I was always face first into one or more books, and had a great love for science and mathematics. I did very little with computers until my first year of engineering studies, which was a well-rounded introduction to many of the disciplines. The programming course (in Basic, no less) was the one that excited me most. Progressing through a few more courses in discrete mathematics, logic, and algorithm development, and I was hooked! I spent several years at C-CORE working on algorithm and software development for scientific problems brought to us by clients. In 2014, a great opportunity arose and I decided to make a switch to Project Management. The research project I am managing is in the area of optical communications. My team is currently creating simulations and creating Matlab algorithms to solve improve optical communication performance.

I also have had a desire to help others and give back to my community and peers, starting in high school and continuing to this day. My current focus of involvement is two-fold: WISE NL and IEEE.


HOBBIES & ACTIVITIES: Reading, jogging, family time.

INTERESTS: Emerging technology, social media, philosophy of technology, leadership, subway systems, travel


  1. I know a lot of women who would never see themselves in a technical role simply because they don’t see many other women in those roles. Be that role model and mentor if you can, and look far and wide for one if you need one. It really is worth it.
  2. Don’t be afraid to try something and fail (we’re only human) or decide something is “not for you”. Too often women are expected (or are conditioned) to be positive about everything. So sometimes it’s alright to say “I positively did not enjoy that course/class/experience.”