Kasuni Liyanage

WISE NL ROLES: WISE GSS Representative – Engineering

DESIGNATION: Graduate Student in M.Eng- Civil Engineering

EDUCATION: B.Sc. (Honours) in Civil Engineering, Minor: Structural Engineering

ABOUT: I’m from Sri Lanka and I came to Newfoundland in Fall 2014 to start my M.Eng degree with a scholarship. I completed my B.Sc. (Hons) in Civil Engineering in University of Moratuwa (top ranked university in Sri Lanka) in 2013, and started working at an Australian Consultancy firm, SMEC International, based in Sri Lanka, for one year.

Ever since my childhood I was interested in buildings, because my father was a Municipal Planning Engineer. So I specialized in structural Engineering during my undergraduate study. However, my work experience at SMEC International gave me a broad exposure to pipelines and offshore structures. There, I worked for the Greater Colombo Waste Water Management Project, in which Sri Lanka’s first ever hands on experience in micro tunneling was involved.

While I was working in the industry, I always had the intention of pursuing my higher studies, because I was also interested in research work. Then I got to know about MUN from two of my colleagues and applied for the M.Eng Scholarship. After having completed one year in M.Eng at MUN, I realized that my true passion is in working in the industry than doing research.

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE: www.linkedin.com/in/kasuniliyanage

HOBBIES & ACTIVITIES: I have been playing Badminton since I was 7. I’m so interested in swimming as well. Watching movies, Going to theme parks are my other hobbies.

INTERESTS: My interests include Rock wall climbing, Hiking and Skiingd

ADVICE: Never be afraid to communicate with anyone.