Susan Fudge

WISE NL ROLES: Membership Co-Director

DESIGNATION: Fisheries Biologist, research coordination and technologist)

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science, Biology; Master of Science, Fisheries

I knew from a young age that I wanted to work in the marine field. I explored many options before I decided to follow my natural curiosity for the natural sciences and pursue marine biology. I hold a Bachelor of Science in biology and a Master of Science in fisheries.

I started my career with long days working in a laboratory either on land or at sea. I worked as a adviser in fisheries conservation for a large non-profit on local, nationally and international issues for a number of years before returning once again to a research focused centre. I provide research support and coordination for various projects as well as oversee laboratory operations.Susan Fudge at sea

More recently I have become an instructor during a spring technical session at the Marine Institute. And although I no longer chose to spend many extended periods at sea I am still able to keep my feet wet with occasional field work with inshore and offshore projects.


HOBBIES & ACTIVITIES: kayaking, hiking, researcher of work-life balance

INTERESTS: Exposure of youth to science through outreach, teaching, project management and coordination, science and technology, encouraging women in SETT


  1. Grab opportunities when they arise, this is not just important for early in your career but throughout. Whether it is working with different people, projects or trying something new. In order to find out what you like you must also determine what you do not like, this will continue to help guide career decisions in the future.
  2. Always keep learning and be sure to make time to recharge.
  3. Continue to look for and cultivate mentor relationships.